Best Online Casino Sites 2019

We are reviewing all Casinos for you to experience the best Online Casino will review all Online Casinos for you to experience a better casino experience and recommend sites that will only experience the best casino enjoyment. We update our casino reviews every month. In addition, you can keep up to date with current bonus offers from all casinos we offer you here.

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What points are we paying attention to when reviewing the best online casino sites:

1.     License Information of the Casino

The most important point for us is that the casino is licensed. If a company does not have a valid license holder, we will never share it here.

2.     Casino’s Bonus Offer

The casino’s bonus offer is another important point that we care about when we do our review. Do not worry, many casinos offer valuable bonus offers to new users.

3.     Variety of Games

Why do we want to play games at the online casino? We want to have a good time. It is very important for the game variety and the games to work as a stable, to give the users the best experience.

4.     Cashier Options

In order to play with real money, we pay attention to alternatives to deposit and withdraw money. If the casino has reliable and alternative deposit and withdrawal options, we like that casino.

5.     Casino Promotions

Yes, many casinos are offering new bonus offers. But not just as a new member, promotions are important to keep your casino experience at the top level all year. If a casino offers promotions and bonus offers at every opportunity during the year, we like that casino.

6.     User Feedbacks and Comments

We review the good and bad feedback we receive from you, or the detailed information you give about the problems you are experiencing. We are talking to the casino authorities about the issues you’re reporting to us.

What is Online Casino?

Firstly I want to tell you briefly what the casino is and what services are available to users of an online casino in 2018.

An online casino is a casino that allows you to play many casino events, such as roulette, blackjack, slot games, poker, etc., with your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Casino is a product of the gaming industry. This service, which was given in the past in the hotels and many other touristic places, is now in our homes and in our pockets with the influence of the internet!

Online Casinos are there for you to have a good time and please play the game consciously. Never forget that gambling can be addictive. If you have gambling addiction, we recommend you get psychological support.

Gambling and Online Casinos in the UK

Gambling and casino games in the UK Since 2005, the DCMS gambling commission has been held and is legal. This law is included in the online gambling industry.

The first casino in the United Kingdom was founded in 1960 by George Alfred James. Actually, I can not really say casino, it looks more like a cafe. With the release of the game law in 1968, commercial banks were opened.

Today, the UK is one of the most important countries in the world in the gambling industry. With the development of the Internet, online casinos are quickly taking the place of old-fashioned casinos, and the UK has many world-wide online casinos.

The variety of games is important when choosing an online casino.

The variety of games is an important reason to choose a casino. It is important that both game variety and games are of high quality.

It is important to choose a game for new casino users, because not everyone enjoys the same games. There are many different types of roulette, live roulette, blackjack, poker games.


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How Important Is the Bonus Offer?

All the casinos offer various bonus offers to win new users. These bonus offers are usually offered on first deposit to new users. Some offers are free, and some bonus offers give a certain bonus on the system deposit. Sometimes it is up to 50% of the deposit money, sometimes up to 100%. Here you will find detailed bonus offers for all the casinos we offer you. We have a detailed review page for each casino.

What is RTP? and Why is it important?

RTP (Return to Player) is a term that every casino player should know. I want to briefly describe Return to Player. Users play online by depositing money into online casino accounts, but we are most likely to earn money while enjoying playing games at the casino. It is known as RTP that how much of the total money invested by gamers in the long run is returned to the users as earnings.

Many firms do not want to explain RTP figures. Independent companies such as eCOGRA and GLI will examine and share the results for companies that want to share RTP figures. The results are usually found on the websites of online casinos.

We are trying to share with you the RTP numbers of all the casinos we have reviewed. RTP figures are usually between 90% and 99%.

Clear Website and Modern Software

Almost all of the casinos have the same appearance. This is one of the most important casino games that provide quality services to a small number of companies. A small number of software vendors provide casino software to all online casinos. Playtech, Netent and Microgaming are the best known casino software providers. It is not right to judge online casinos according to the casino software they use.

Website design is different in every casino. We appreciate the website designs in our casino reviews. On the detailed review pages we shared information about the design of each casino.

Live Game Selection

For me the most comfortable place in the world is my own house. The most comfortable casino in the world is my own house. One cup of coffee, my pajamas, my slippers and my computer. I apologize, I actually meant online casino.

There was no such possibility in olden times. I had to go to Land Based Casino. I am not anymore. From 2002 until today, the internet has developed very much and this development has developed the game industry the most.

Best mobile online casinos

Smartphones and tablets are now everywhere. It is expected that online casinos will start using this technology. But to tell you the truth, it is not in the expected level. Many online casinos do not have mobile apps. But we have good news. You can easily use all of the gambling websites with smartphones.

Available Payment Options and Fees

you need to deposit money to play the online casino. When depositing an online casino, transactions must be reliable, fast and easy. There are many different deposit methods. Reliable methods like credit card, Paypal, Neteller are supported by many casinos. I prepared a table for you to understand better.


As you can see from the table, all operators accept credit and debit cards accepted by various alternative payment methods. Some operators charge better than others for the diversity of available payment options. 888 Casino offers PayPal and bank transfers as card payment alternatives. The majority of operators do not charge for deposits. Since August 31, 2015, Ukash no longer exists in the UK, paysafecard has been replaced.

Why Casinos customer support is important?

 Because everybody can face a problem at any moment. We do not like to wait for days when we want to ask questions to the gambling. We want to get an immediate answer. A good casino quickly solves problems and gives importance to customer support.

In general, all the casinos provide e-mail support but this is the slowest way to get answers. If a casino provides live phone support and online live support 24/7, that’s enough. You can easily control which casino has created a table which provides the support alternatives for you.


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