Betfair Review 2019


Without any reserve and for respectable reason, Betfair is the largest and amiable betting establishment in UK and its environment. It is widely noted and agreed that Betfair offer the great odds, augment and development of the world’s largest and most classy betting exchanges. For any reason, Betfair has actually turn out to be one of the best betting sites around the globe.

Here at Bookies, we are pretty well knowledgeable with Betfair’s betting site in terms of Bookies Bonuses. Most of us at Bookies have an account with Betfair. Nevertheless, despite all the good and commendable things they offer, there are always a rare downside and we have tried our best to make a memorandum of them in the following review in case they were to unpleasantly touch your betting approach.

The first and most important thing to be aware about Betfair is that it’s absolutely a gorgeous and adorable of the UK sports market. Moreover, something you can easily discovered and tell as soon as you look at Betfair’s sportsbook selection are the wide selection of football odds and other British sports odds they offer. The only minor hitch of this is that sometimes not all live streaming is available most especially if you are outside of the UK.

Betfair offers welcome bonuses that are admirable which you can choose from. There welcome betting bonuses are 3 different types.

The Betfair betting exchange popularly known as Betfair Exchange was the first and remains the best betting exchange market as far as this world is concern in betting industry. This exchange is the Betfair marquee feature which is unquestionably and undeniably. It is exchange that allows you to play against other supporters rather than Betfair’s supporters. Because they do not set odds to favour them only, rather they charge certain fee on winning bets, and this is a small fee that is avoidable. This is a better odd for you! You are sincerely recommended to take a look at the underneath at our Betfair Exchange section to find out more information about the Betfair.

Furthermore, the Betfair’s live stream is likewise one of the best in the market of betting. Although, it might not be moderately with the standard of Unibet or Bet365’s services but as a bettor, it is good enough to make use of it.

The Betfair Casino selection is another good aspect of its function. Betfair offers a extensive selection with different kinds of competitions, games, tournaments, as well as a lot of different campaigns and bonuses on offer for their viewers.

On the other hand, when it comes to Poker, Betfair’s Poker section is one we can recommend for the welcome offers which are some of the best around. Interestingly, the Betfair’s poker section is connected to the iPoker network and offers some numeral kinds of games.

Betfair free bets & cashback

There are two major choices offer that the Betfair offer new customers – a welcome offer for the Sportsbook or the Betfair Exchange offer.

New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. You can repeat up and around to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. Remember that, terms and conditions apply.

In order to qualify for your Betfair free bets, it is mandatory to follow these simple steps that highlighted below:

1. Click on the “claim”-button.

2. Open a new account with the promo code ZBBC01.

3. Place 5 single bets of at least £10.

4. You’ll receive a £20 Free Bet.

5. This process can be repeated 5 times for a total bonus of £100 in Free Bets.

Terms and conditions for the Betfair free bet

  • This offer is only open and accessible for users or customers from the UK and Ireland.

  • Free Bets are valid for only 30 days.

  • Free Bets will be credited to your account within 24 hours of completing the qualifying requirements.

Betfair Exchange Welcome Offer

Up to €1000 Cashback on Betfair Exchange

Cashback on Betfair Exchanges is another selection for new players, and this cashback is up to €1000. However, don’t forget that, this cashback is only for Betfair Exchange. That’s why it is advisable and important for you to read a bit about this cashbook on Betfair before you make any choice or selection on this.

New customer offer, Cashback which up to €1000 or max €1000 is based on Betfair points target realised on sports over first 30 days’ activity. Moreover, the Fixed Odds bets excepted, but other exclusions and terms & conditions apply.

Now that you have read our section about the exchange, and you have understood it very well, and you admire to qualify for your Betfair Exchange free bet, then, there is need to abide with the following simple instructions:

  1. Click here or on the link above.

  2. Create a new account with Betfair using the promo code EXCACR

  3. Reach tiers and earn cashback based on your Betfair points collecting during the first 30 days.

Terms and conditions for the Betfair free bet

This offer is only for the Betfair Exchange

Betfair Casino bonus

All the new customers in the Betfair Casino get a matched bonus of 100% up to €1000.

100% up to €100

Minimum buy-in: €10

Betting requirement: 45x

To claim your welcome offer, follow these pretty steps

  1. Click the “Claim”-button.

  2. Create an account with Betfair.

  3. Deposit a minimum of €10 and claim the bonus.

Terms and conditions for Welcome Offer

  • Deposits made with e-wallets (Paypal, Neteller, Moneybookers etc.) are not valid (accepted) for these promotions

  • The bonuses are valid for a period of 7 days

Betfair poker bonus

The new poker players at Betfair get a first credit bonus of 200% up to £1200 as well as €15 in game buy-ins and €5 casino free bets.

One of the means to unlock your deposit bonus at Betfair poker bonus is that, you unlock €10 for every 1250 Status Points you earn by playing poker at Betfair. However, you have 45 days from your initial deposit to redeem all of your bonus cash.

Betfair promotions

About Betfair

Betfair was established in 2000 and opened with the betting trading system called Betfair Exchange. Since its inception, Betfair has recorded dramatically and drastically huge success in the history of betting industry and it has expanded its services which include sportsbook, poker and casino sections.

One thing you cannot take away from Betfair is her betting exchange. Betfair is highly tantamount with the betting exchange these days, vastly determine and they really remain focus with this service because it’s what makes it special and unique compared to the rest of the betting company out there.

It is widely accepted that, Betfair exchange is still the world’s largest and it hosts at least five million or more transactions every day. The current members of Betfair is more than three million and is available/offered in 17 different languages around the globe.

There is no constant football fan that did not know or have seen Betfair’s logo every week, even if you haven’t realized it. Betfair is presently sponsor great numeral of teams, such as Barcelona, Leicester City, Southampton, and Arsenal.

Betfair Sportsbook

One of the best top alternative betting sites for the bettors lives in UK and its environment is Betfair. Although, Betfair mainly focused on the UK sports market but then offers a widespread selection of global matches to bet on, even though it has reaching the Uzbek football league in Asian.

Another special thing we like about Betfair’s sportsbook selection is the extensive selection of kinds of bet they make available for offer – from time to time approaching on the incomprehensible. However, at Betfair you can also bet on where a manager’s next team will be, the number of corners in a game or the league’s player of the season, and so on.

One thing that Betfair normally remember for is the exchange they offer. We highly recommend you to try the exchange selection of Betfair in your next betting sports ambition. We also advise you to start small, so you can gradually get a feel of it.

As soon as, you have got the hang of it, you’ll realize that you can’t get much better odds. The only downside with the exchange is that some of the less important or lesser-known events might not be offered by any other client. For this reason, we would recommend trying the usual sportsbook variety.

Betfair Football

As a result of Betfair majorly focus on the UK market, it has make its football selection to be one of the best so far in betting industry. However, the Betfair website might not constantly look the best as you may think, but we promise that it’s better than what it looks! With Betfair, there is tendency of find almost all the leagues, matches and kinds of bets you desire.

Frankly speaking, there is little we can say about Betfair, nevertheless you may not find any better odds when it comes to football betting than the offer that available at Betfair Exchange.

If you are a resident in the UK and relish betting on La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga at this time we highly recommend Betfair’s services as you’ll be able to livestream and live bet on these games at your home or offices.

Betfair Tennis

We discovered that, almost all the selection of tennis bets you may need are offer by the Betfair tennis. These bets may be either both, before and during the matches. Betfair also make its tennis selection obtainable on Betfair exchange. It is commendable most particularly when it comes to the big competitions, events or games because there will be more bettors or punters on the exchange. Interestedly, the percentage of the payout is so high compare to others bets.

Betfair Cricket

Betfair cricket bet is another unique and decent selection bet that Betfair offers to its numerous clients. They have all the major test matches, international twenty20s and The Ashes. Though, in our view, it’s not pretty as widespread as some of the other UK based bookies.

Betfair Horse Racing

Betfair horse racing selection is also friendly, and as such we really like it and recommend it. Not only are the kinds of bets that is widely spread, nevertheless they offer live streaming and live betting on enormous number of events and contests. Moreover, the Betfair’s horse racing offering on the Exchange is also exceptional and admirable. To be sincere, this kind of betting market really good for the sport.

More information either about all the results, matches schedule, as well as several things relating to bets are available at Betfair’s horse racing forum.

Additionally, with the bonuses, you can also get some promotions that is available for supporters who are concerned and interested in betting base on the horse competing at any given time. With Betfair, you’ll at no time be fixed for competitions or contest to betting, nevertheless if peradventure you are fix, it can then result for you to have chance in betting at horse competition or games.

Lastly, there is a very classy and multifaceted system of scores that access competing value that Betfair offer to its members is known as Betfair’s timeform. This Betfair’s timeform section is for those that are addicted to real horse running fanatics and if you are one of these, at this point we extremely and timely commend you check and be part of Betfair’s timeform offer. You should be aware that the section isn’t permanently smooth nevertheless the content is exceptional, admirable and excellent. At the same time, there are dependable experts well equipped to work for them majorly in this section.

Other sports at Betfair

At Betfair, there are numerous and widely sports betting opportunities available for anyone that desire to make use their platform for their betting. There is chance for you to make a choice and bet on anything starting from Rugby Union to British Politics. They majorly more focused and concentrating on the UK based sports.

Betfair betting products

Betfair Exchange

Betfair Exchange is one of the Betfair betting products that is available for its customers. Through Betfair Exchange, it is possible for bettors to play against each other rather than competing against the Betfair or other related sites. In this section, the customers are the one decided the odds, while a certain percentage of earning goes to Betfair as their own commission.

Moreover, with this betting exchange section there is opportunities for or rooms for the users or customers to bet against each other on any game, event or competition. For instance, a bettor can bet against his/her counterpart on a certain match that, Team B will lose to Team A – this is known as ‘backing’ a bet. On the other hands, another bettor will predict that Team A will lose to Team B – this is known as ‘laying’ a bet.

Another interesting to this section is that, the odds are not established from the beginning, pretty the participants could pick or select the odds themselves and fortunately, if another participant matches their odds which means the bet is in progress. For instance, let assume that a participant bets on Team A to win at odds of 4/1. The bet is not to be found while waiting for another user to assumes the roll of bookmaker and bets that Team A will not win the same match.

In practical way, let assume that the first participant bets for ten pounds (£10). If the bet is approved and accepted, without the commission deducted for Betfair, the profit on such bet will be fifty pounds (£50). Which means the other participant must pay the first participant £50. However, if Team A draws or loses, then the second participant have priority to receive the first participant’s original bet of ten pound (£10).

There is tendency for a crafty participant to use the advantage of this method of betting by adapting what is known as ‘hedging’, this simply means that they bet on all possible and potential results. For clarification, they would bet on team A to win and not to win. The success or achievement of this policy would hang on selecting or picking the right time when the odds are beneficial or advantageous on both sides of the bet for the same match or event.

Read more specific information about Betfair Exchange.

Betfair Live-betting

If truly you desire and determined to triumph as a bettor, Betfair is unquestionably and advisable to choose Betfair Live-betting. For your information, the Betfair live-betting service is a resemblance of Betfair Exchange. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to understand that the Betfair Live-betting package work perfectly like the Betfair Exchange section as with the normal betting provision. The idea is very simple, it is a package designed for to bet on all the football matches available during the betting, as well as a amount of other markets available.

Betfair Live streaming

Another unique section that promote Betfair betting sites is its Betfair’s live streaming. This live streaming of Betfair (Betfair Live-streaming) is very easy to use and offers a widespread choice of sports games, events or competition. Most importantly, the selection is only available and accessible for UK users. Because, outside of the country you there are geographical or environmental blocks one can come across that can limit or rule out the major football leagues and some horse-running games or events from being part. Therefore, if you are living outside the UK, we highly advise and recommend you to careful check the list that is available or offered in your country or where you reside.

There is no doubt that, the Betfair offer significant widespread of different matches in UK range from Europe’s top leagues such as, La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga. At the same time, you have opportune to watch matches from other leagues which includes the Scottish Premiership and the Australian A-league.

As far as you are in the UK, the Ascot, Doncaster, Newcastle and many more are among the live streamed horse racing you can pick, enjoy and make use of as long as live stream selection is concern. Not only in UK but also as well as the US and South Africa in African continent. Moreover, the major disadvantages is that the viewers in other countries are limited to access this admirable offer. If you are living or residing outside of the UK, and you are interested to participating in live streaming betting on the horse running events, we therefore advise you to read and check the schedule before you sign up.

However, if you are a lover of betting and you are living or based in the UK, we highly and absolutely endorse Betfair’s live-streaming site for your enjoyment. In addition, if you also interested and decided to involve in the foreign football leagues or horse-racing betting, you are highly welcome and you cannot regret.

Betfair Cash Out

As far as betting cash-out is concern, the Betfair’s Cash Out function is glowing constructed, very easy understandable to use and is available and accessible for almost all markets and competitions. One thing is good and cannot be taken from Betfair is Cash Out section. It is a good section for any bettor who desire to guarantee or secure a win or cut their losses can involve at any given time.

There is a service commonly called “Cash Out Part of My Bet” is the particular offer that the Betfair cash Out offer to customers. In this service, bettor (you) can chose precisely the certain amount you want or desire to Cash Out before the end of the match or the event is over. The most important thing you must do is keep an eye on the yellow Cash-Out symbol next to the game or the match.

Betfair Price Rush

There is something called Betfair Price Rush that Betfair offer to their customers. It is offer that Betfair make available on many occasions by increase the odds on specific bets called Price Rush. They make this happening by scanning the prices or bills available in the exchange system and compare these with the sportsbook. For instance, if the odds are higher on the Exchange at that point, there will be a Price Rush on the participant’s bet in the sportsbook.

Betfair tips

One of the tips that Betfair offer in their website is their personal news and tips and other related. Their news section is a wide-range and you can know everything about the NFL to British politics from this amazing Betfair tips section. It’s an heterogenous collection of features and news items.

There is numerous unique stuff available from Betfair tips, having an interest in one of these stuffs could be a little best than to sieve out all the rest of the stuff. It is better and advisable for you to make an attempt and track the contributors that you seem write about appropriate stuff you desire on Twitter. From then, you can tick on whatever they write in the forthcoming.

Betfair Casino

Betfair is one of the foremost betting sites that has an enormous choice of casino games which any clients or customers can pick from. However, their Casino is divided into numerous sub-sections, with games developed by Playtech and all is available under the “Casino” tab of the website. Moreover, you can still see more Casino games from other developers like IGT and Nextgen when you click on the “Arcade” tab and “Vegas Slots” tab of the site. Additionally, online slots from William Interactive is also available for your selection.

Another tremendous selection is a course tagged “a VIP-program” which is for loyal casino players. The course is also divided into three main levels, namely Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels respectively.

Betfair live casino

Betfair live Casino is superb and you can play casino hold’em, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and as well as sic bo. It is matter of choice for you to decide if you desire to play right there on the website, and this can be done by mobile app or by downloading the software to your computer, then make use of it for your fun.

Betfair Exchange games

Betfair Exchange games is an exceptional and unique mixture of the odds betting and normal casino. One thing that amazing with this exchange is that, it’s actually just the similar logic and approach as the normal exchange, where you can bet on a win or a loss it depends on the choice or selection you make. We highly like and embrace Betfair’s exchange games because it is a fresh, additional and amazing new approach that offers something slightly different to the ordinary that have been existed.

Betfair Arcade

The Arcade is another unit that is very alike and comparable to the normal casino section but the major or a little offer that make it difference from other is that there are games from several kinds of developers they offer. Some of these developers are highly represented as well as a quantity of exceptional ones to Betfair sites. Among these established developers is Net Entertainment. Frankly speaking, If you are among those that zealous into games or match betting, we unquestionably and positively recommend you to take a look in your next selection.

Betfair poker

In the section of Poker, Betfair is one of the betting site that make uses of the poker network called “iPoker”. However, iPoker is one of the largest and major in the world which can offer varieties for all players, irrespective of level and poker game. Some of the common and available company are Omaha, Texas Hold’em, as well as Seven Card Stud, to name a few.

Despite that this network hosts a huge number of companies that are mainly targeting and focused on betting gives the more experienced and knowledgeable poker players a plus due to the lower or minor average of player using the network.

However, the most weakness with this is that the network is not well-suited with a Mac or Linux computer.

Betfair also has a VIP-club for their poker players with three major levels namely; Gold Silver and Bronze. In this case, the more you play, the more points you will gain and the higher you will climb in ranking, and 20% is the monthly cashback you can earn for silver level, while you get a 35% monthly cashback aat gold level.

Betfair Virtual Sport

One of the thing you cannot take away from Betfair Virtual Sport. Betfair offers virtual randomly-generated casino sports offered in the arrangement of a sports game. In this Betfair’s sector for virtual sport customers, or participants or users that reinvent the enthusiasm of sports and joined it together with the luck of casino betting.

As far as our website is concern, nothing beats the real thing in our opinion or belief, nevertheless this is still a bit of entertaining and exciting that could be worth checking out!

Betfair Bingo

It is clearly understood that, Betfair’s bingo section is well-built and very easy to use or control. Different kinds of bingo like 75 or 90 ball bingo are available for offers. If you are in need and desire to get social then is better and good for to bet in the casino and chat with other players in the bingo section. Additionally, we also like and embrace the campaigns and progressive jackpots. They also promote a countless loyalty program. We rate Betfair’s bingo offering as one of the best around in the betting industry.

Betfair Mobile

Another good news is that Betfair has categorically been at the forefront of the mobile betting drift. Betfair is one of the betting sites that placed a lot of possessions into mobile betting options with different apps and they also have a mobile version of their website. Betfair mobile betting is well-matched with almost all smartphone on the market; like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and so on. Noted that Betfair for iPhone is well-matched with all iPhones with 3G or later systems.

Betfair’s Exchange App

As a lover of Betfair, we actually and indeed like Betfair’s app. It is certainly handler friendly, it has the same design and same theme for all of Betfair’s apps. As a result of this, it was very easy to use for people like us. We always find the app comfortable to use and placing a bet on the exchange through this app is very simple and accessible as easy as on their webpage.

Betfair’s Casino App

Another section that we proud of Betfair is their Betfair’s casino app which offers the similar that has no different selection as the web page offer. The app, is also contain and offer similar things like all of Betfair’s is easy to use and is well designed. For its uniqueness, we actually and indeed embrace that fact that in the menu, the make it available for users to find all the promotions currently on.

Betfair’s Live Casino App

The Betfair’s live casino offers their customers or potentials users the chance to play against real dealers, in the same method that they offer on their webpage. We like, promote and embrace this app because it’s similarly easy to use, operate and accessible for a long gathering as it is for a quick game.

Betfair’s Poker App

Betfair’s Poker App is comfortable, easy-to-use, accessible for operating and well designed. It also offers a wide selection of tournaments and games to choose from.

FAQ Betfair

How do I claim the sign-up offer from Betfair?

The best, easiest and advisable way to claim your signup offer without delaying from Betfair is to click on the link on our main page. Just look at the green tab that says ‘claim’, then click it.

What is Betfair exchange?

Betfair exchange is the most classical and standard system of betting. As an alternative of playing the bookie, users bet against each other, while the odds are determined by the market. A user can suggest a team to “win” a game at some certain odds. If someone disagrees, they can act as the bookmaker and back the team “not to win”.

How does the Betfair Cash Out work?

Mostly, like any other Cash Out. If the game you have placed a bet on is qualified for a cash out, it will be available on the bet slip. Using Cash-out might secure a partial win or save yourself from a loss but then have it in mind that the payout usually is higher when avoiding the cash-out function.

What are Betfair Points?

Betfair Points are collected by betting on Betfair Exchange. It is mandatory for you to collect Betfair points either you win or you lose. Moreover, as many Betfair Points you collect, determine the less you pay in Commission on your winning bets.

What is Acca edge?

Betfair offer customers the choice to protect their Acca. If one of the bets in the Acca (at least three games) loses, the customer or participant gets the stake returned. Although, in return, the odds of the Acca is usually reduced. To use Acca Edge, the customer must check the box on the bet slip before the bet is placed.

What is price rush?

One thing is certain, the odds in the Betfair sportsbook can get a boost or being improvement, though it depending on the odds at the Betfair Exchange, this is called “price rush”.

What is the #oddsonthat campaign

This is a social media promotion that Betfair are running which encourages the users, participants or customers to ask for odds on a bet over twitter. This is available for every users that desire to place a bet that is not available on their site. With this section you can ask Betfair over Twitter for any selection you desire. For instance, Barcelona vs Real Madrid: you think Ronaldinho and Raul will score but Zidane will get a red card. Well you could log onto twitter and ask ‘@Betfair Ronaldinho & Raul to score and Zidane to get a red card #oddsonthat’. Although, Betfair don’t permanently give customer odds but they can have an opportunity or tremendous chance if it is a big sporting game or competition.

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